St Tropez

Things to do:

Have lunch the port, overlooking the boats.

Wonder the beautiful alleys of shops.

Visit the secret beach

Try a lobster Roll

The question of the French Riviera… St Tropez or Cannes? – We visited both ( driving between the two takes much longer then you would think) and we loved them both, that being said out of all of the countries we visited on our European road trip, Saint Tropez was the place that really, really pleasantly surprised us! You can read all about Cannes here, but this will be all about St Tropez.

First of all we need to say that after not seeing barely another Jeep Wrangler on our European road trip for a month… It seemed to be the car to drive in Saint Tropez – and no wonder when its as beautiful to drive through as it is!

From the small smooth stoned, shopped lined alleys to the bustling port – everything about this really excuded laid-back class. 

The thing that really surprised us about St Tropez was the people. Having just come from Cannes (where it was absolutely beautiful – but lets face it a bit of a show offs paradise)….we were expecting St Tropez to be much of the same. Instead, what we found was a charming, old-school-money kind of place where people really used they’re yaughts for enjoyment to sail and not just pose. The kind of place where white linen, and bright pastels were the outfit of choice and the more eccentric the car the better. You might in fact notice more then a hand full of suped-up golf buggies dotted around there too!

Another thing that surprised us about St Tropez, was the prices. Like everywhere it had expensive high quality restaurants, but the majority of places we saw, even in the port were really respectfully priced (we are not saying cheap by any means, but reasonable!)…and amazing quality too. A lunch may set you back 50 – 80 Euro’s a couple rather then double that in Cannes.

Even the designer shops were quirky. Upon visiting you will notice the house of Dior…literally a house. A decorated golf buggy outside Jimmy choo, and Georgio Armani’s holiday home. Which made it seem more fun and interesting then the usual straight faced designer experience. 

Take a little wonder down the beautiful, muted pastel alleys and see a whole host of Instagram worthy shops and eateries, with a really relaxed boho vibe, again filled with bright whites and jewel colours. Set off beautifully against the blue skies.

A lot fo the beaches in St Tropez are part of beach clubs, or bars. However, Alongside the back of the port is a little road called rue salaison – there you will see one of the smallest beaches in the area…but not to be missed for a quite sunbathe or dip in the sea. We visited In Late September, and although St tropez was busy (not too busy like Positano, we might add!), the sandy beach and crystal waters was quite and lovely – which we were not expecting!

If you are lucky enough to visit this beautiful place, we must recommend going to Homer. Claimed ‘The best Lobster rolls in the world’. We have seen  a few of these ‘best’ signs over our European travels for various foods, and we have learnt that some are more self professed then given. This couldn’t be further from the case at Homer. Try it and you will see what we mean. The most melt in the mouth buttery brioche bread, filled with juicy lobster and bathed in melted butter and bright Lemon. Genuinely, one of the best things we’ve ever tasted. We even went back to get more in different flavours.

One thing to watch out for is the boat Canons, The loud bangs can be heard on boating days to welcome in the boats to the port. Although all part of the fun of St tropez it can take you aback if you don’t know what it is!

Relax, enjoy and take in one of Europe’s most unique places. 


Home of the Cannes Film festival and also to many a Lamborghini – Cannes really is a sight to behold.

If you enjoy luxury, and beauty then Cannes is for you. When you first arrive in Cannes you will probably walk through the designer led streets, but if youre into fashion take your time to look around as its not just main stream designers here, but lots of shops selling urban and more unique designers too.

Make sure you take a walk down the promenade, where the palm trees sway int he gentle breeze against the azure blue sea and the pastel hotel back drop. One side of the promenade hosts beautiful exclusive hotels and designer cafes and restaurants. Armani Coffee, we see you. The other side leads to golden sandy beaches and white tented beach bars, playing laid back chilled music.

The thing you will notice about Cannes and in fact all of the French Riviera is how quite and laid back is it in the day. Even with the gentle sounds of the beach bars, sports cars driving the coastal road and musicians on the beach- it still managed to sound so relaxing.

Staying in Cannes doesn’t mean you need to stay at a £1000 a night hotel, there are lots of hotels a short walk from the beach that means staying in Cannes doesn’t actually require a Cannes movie star Brudget.